You Don’t Need Approval: Women in Technology Resources #spsphilly

[Images uploaded 2/6/2012 Flash #Fail] Thanks to Suzanne George for organizing this weekend’s Women in SharePoint panel at #spsphilly and to conference organizers David Mann and Mike Mukalian for supporting this event. But most of all, kudos to the panelists and audience members who were on point, engaged and avoided “dead spots” that Suzanne would … Continue reading

The E-Myth Redux: Or Why I Switched from Android to a Windows Phone

Three words: Burnt Child Syndrome. For those of you who have read The E-Myth Experience, you are familiar with Michael Gerber’s exhortation to small businesses to provide consistently excellent customer service. Not “good” customer service. Not excellent customer service some of the time. But consistently excellent customer service. Gerber postulates that one of the reasons … Continue reading

TSA and Health 2.0: Get a grip, America. [Update]

Original Title: Wrong. On. So. Many. Levels. Get a grip, America [11-19-2010] From Twitter: @cyberslate: WTF? I just threw up in my mouth. RT @armano @abfdc Cancer survivor forced to remove prosthetic breast in patdown I’m speechless. This is disgusting and revolting. Don’t get me started. Later: Okay. I’m started.  “Get a grip.” So … Continue reading