Day Two Wrap Up from #mhs11

Amazing resource and videos below from the @mhealthsummit website in case you missed any sessions. •Disruptive innovation is critical to healthcare and patient centered care and has attracted a huge startup market. •However, biggest successes may come from technology firms who are flexible and agile enough to innovate from within. •Bringing experience in service delivery … Continue reading

Ask the Experts #conv11: How to Leverage Microsoft SharePoint within your Dynamics GP World

Had the honor of presenting at Microsoft Convergence 2011 today in Atlanta with John Squared: John Dooley of Microsoft (Information Worker Geek Extraordinaire) and John Herbstritt (GP Geek Extraordinaire) on the intersections of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics GP and how organizations can leverage this powerful combination across the enterprise. It was a great “convergence” … Continue reading

2010 and Collaboration: Compassion, Commitment, Creativity

2010 was the year of 2.0. Healthcare reform pushed healthcare IT and innovation into high gear. Harsh economic realities in access to healthcare in the United States made efficiency, efficacy and interoperability buzzwords du jour. Even the awkward “meaningful use” was dropped in healthcare IT blogs and events with alarming regularity. Heatlhcare professionals embraced social … Continue reading